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Tamotsu Utsunomiya

Freelance photographer living in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward

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Yanaka of Tokyo Taito Ward, collectively Nedu and Sendagi of Bunkyo Ward called "Yanesen".This area forms a unique cultural and popular cityscape. — Tamotsu Utsunomiya

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The weeping cherry tree in the temple


There is a lot of people strolling around for a day by many scattered old houses, fancy cafes, historic temples, etc., full of emotional downtown.You can enjoy the spring, summer, autumn and winter flowers decorating the temple premises and slight eaves of the house, and there are well-established Japanese confection shops and modern shops, so you can enjoy it in a wide range of age groups.Although sightseeing spots are also good, the casual scenery such as passersby and back alleys is characterized by this city, the area around Yanaka in Taito Ward is also selected as "100 beautiful Japanese historical climate."

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Mikoshi walking through the Yanaka Ganza and young people


There are many events such as a mountain festival festival from summer to autumn. At the historic Nedu shrine, in September the Nedu shrine festival large festival is said to be said to be one of the Edo three major festivals.In addition, Suwa Shrine festival exception festival which goes around the neighborhood association including the Yanaka Ginza shopping district is spectacular, and in the night the Suwa shrine premises is crowded with numerous stalls, dancing and kagura dancing.The premises of this Suwa shrine is currently used for photographing NHK's TV drama "Idaten" in 2019.

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There are also many Kannonsama in the town
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Drinking town in Yanaka
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Yanaka of snow is also beautiful