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Tamotsu Utsunomiya

Freelance photographer living in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward

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Tokyo Snap2


Shadows of the city, contrasting wealth and poverty seen in large shopping districts and crowded shopping streets and crowds of Tokyo are no exception. — Tamotsu Utsunomiya

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Stylish young people gather in Ginza


Impression that around Tokyo Ginza is sophisticated adult city. Fashionable advertisements are visible on shop displays, and elegant and stylish young people go and go.While there is a well-established department store representative of Japan, the first "historic hotel robotic hotel" is said to be. It is famous as the city of gourmet, and when I looked into a fruit tart specialty store, luxury cakes were lining up.

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Poster of "Ashita-no-Jye" stuck on "Sanya"


There used to be an area called “Sanya” in Taito Ward. There were many day laborers who lined up simplified accommodation in the surrounding area.In this "Sanya" there is the Iroha-shopping area (Nihontsutsumi, Taito-ku), which is known as the home of manga's “Ashita-no-Jyo”. There are posters and characters of "Ashita-no-Jye" everywhere in the shopping area shutters and corners, and it also helps advertise shopping districts.

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