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Tamotsu Utsunomiya

Freelance photographer living in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward

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Protest Action

Summer, 2015

On this day, people in front of the National Assembly were filled with people who opposed the "war bill". — Tamotsu Utsunomiya

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People who filled the National Assembly


People were hot and hot in the summer of 2015. Before the National Assembly, even after sunset, according to the calls of labor unions, civil society groups and student groups opposing the "war bill", people gathered in front of the National Assembly.According to the organizer 's announcement, participants are about 350,000 people including surrounding areas such as Kasumigaseki.Elderly people, housewives, young people, handicapped persons with disabilities, mothers and small fathers holding small children are also there. It was a big feature of this meeting that such "ordinary people" gave the opposite voice.

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People have gathered one after another evening late at night.


Such protest action took place not only in Tokyo, but at more than 350 places nationwide.After this, the government ruling party forced the war legislation to be voted and established in the National Assembly. However, many people have noticed the "value" of the world-renowned Japanese Constitution, and people in the "ordinary people" who felt a sense of crisis participated in such meetings for the first time.The historical significance of inviting friends, inviting their families and inviting their lovers is great.

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Riot police before the National Assembly
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People gathered with climbing flag
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Monitoring of riot police is tough