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Tamotsu Utsunomiya

Freelance photographer living in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward

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Japanese Landscape

Summer 6th, 2010

The Gono-line is a local railroad connecting Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture and Minamitsugaru, Aomori Prefecture. I photographed for about a week in the Tohoku Sea of Japan coast. — Tamotsu Utsunomiya

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Hotarica boat before departure

Summer of the year when shooting was taken was abnormal heat as Tohoku. When I finished shooting the Shirakami mountain ranging in the northwest part of Akita prefecture and the southwest part of Aomori prefecture, when I went out to the Sea of Japan side, the train of the Gono-line was running in the heavy shower.A beautiful curve goes south while enjoying an elegant coastline and arrives at Fukaura fishing port late at night. I met fishermen who are busy preparing for fishing among Hotaruika boats near the departure port.

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"Funaya" lining the harbor

On the next day, run the car along the Gono-Line, and take a picture of the Eternal Youth Hot Spring, Mutsuiwasaki, Juniko Lake and south. On the way, there were many “Funaya” along the coastline.Along the coast of Tohoku there are many fishing ports rarely visited by tourists, but there is a unique flavor with the severity and lifestyle that drifts in the Rustic scene.

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Gono-line running along the coast
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A fisherman and a decaying small boat
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In the "Funaya" the fisherman was smoking a cigarette.