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Tamotsu Utsunomiya

Freelance photographer living in Tokyo Bunkyo Ward

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Children's children

June 6th, 2018

Children are hope, beautiful future itself. — Tamotsu Utsunomiya

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You are in a good mood today.


Even if I cry or laugh, children always look nice. Sometimes I do harassing mischief.I do not even listen to what parents say, and I dislike meals if I do not like them. But it is a mysterious existence that everything can forgive.

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What are you praying for?


It feels difficult for children to shoot, it feels easy as well.Whether we can meet beautiful natural landscapes such as mountains, seas and flowers depends on the season, time and timing, so children's shooting can not be as thought of here.In other words, it will be up to the mood of a quirky child.

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